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chore: rename `eicd` -> `EDM4eic`

Christopher Dilks requested to merge eicd-to-edm4hep into master
find . -name "*" -type f -print | grep -vE '\.git\/' | xargs sed -i 's/\<eicd\>/edm4eic/g'
find . -name "*" -type f -print | grep -vE '\.git\/' | xargs sed -i 's/\<EICD\>/EDM4EIC/g'

Edge cases:

  • did not change eicd in the Dependencies in
  • changed edm4eic to EDM4eic in .gitlab-ci.yml
  • changed *_EICD_* variables to *_EDM4EIC_* in .gitlab-ci.yml

(branch name is a typo)

Edited by Christopher Dilks

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