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RICH updates for proposal run

Christopher Dilks requested to merge irt-init into master

close #132 (closed) and #123 (closed)

Changes / TODO:

  • added compact file constant ERICH_sensor_dist, to more easily expose the sensor plane position
  • adjusted sensor DetElement IDs
  • added 0.01mm airgap between aerogel and filter (actually it is a gas gap)
  • remove eRICH sensor size doubling, which was a temporary workaround for graphics performance
    • instead the sensor drawing is set to invisible in the geoviewer (compact/display_geoviewer.xml); we want the correct sensor size for full coverage at high theta
  • reduce bore radii
  • update material property tables (aerogel, gas, etc.)
  • optimize aerogel and filter inner and outer radii
    • change solid from Tube to Cone
    • tune inner radii to follow bore radius, and make as small as possible
    • for dRICh, tune outer radius to follow snout cone, and make as large as possible
    • aerogel and filter are no longer in sector loop
    • for eRICh, remove sector dependence/loops altogether
  • check optics, namely at low theta
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