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make space for the dRICh

Christopher Dilks requested to merge drich-space-update into master

Make space for the dRICh. This is almost the same as !98 (closed) but with a couple additional changes. These proposed changes bring us closer to consistency with the integration plan. This current MR is to support the current dRICh implementation !72 (merged).

Proposed changes:

  • compact/definitions.xml: change ForwardRICH_length from 110 cm to 180 cm, to accommodate the dRICh volume
  • compact/definitions.xml: change ForwardTracking_length from 0 cm to 25 cm, which positions the front of the dRICh at 155 cm
  • remove compact/gaseous_rich.xml from athena.xml, since we will replace it with the dRICh


  • With these changes applied, at first there were some overlaps between EcalEndcapN and cb_DIRC_GVol_Solid_Logic. It seems that one or both of these detectors are not adaptable to changes of ForwardRICH_length and ForwardTracking_length. Recently the DIRC has been commented out in athena.xml, and after rebasing this MR, this overlap issue disappeared. Some details on the overlap are shown below.
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