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Resolve "Detailed Dual RICH implementation"

Christopher Dilks requested to merge 33-detailed-dual-rich-implementation into master

A very preliminary dRICh is implemented. There is still room for improvement of the optics, but this geometry represents a decent starting point.

Because this MR is so long, careful attention was made to keep up-to-date with the master branch; the majority of final changes this MR brings are additions only.

Summary of changes in this MR:

  • updates to athena.xml:
    • include compact/drich.xml in athena.xml, replacing the gaseous RICH
  • updates to compact/definitions.xml, to be consistent with latest integration plans (as of 8/3/21)
    • ForwardRICH_lenth changed from 110 cm to 180 cm
    • ForwardTracking_length changed from 0 cm to 25 cm
  • updates to compact/display.xml:
    • added some visual properties specific to dRICh; not necessary, but useful; they are colored similar to the ATHENA logo
  • updates to compact/materials.xml:
  • updates to compact/optical_materials.xml:
    • added several material properties tables, dumped from Fun4all standalone version (the Fun4all version will be the centralized location where we can generate these tables, for now, since the formulas are a bit too complicated to port to this repository)
  • dRICh compact and source files are additions only
    • compact file: compact/drich.xml
    • source file: src/DRich.cpp


  • dRICh geometry:


  • dRICh vessel (highlighted in green) integrated in ATHENA:


  • Integration dimensions:


  • Scaling fun4all design to fit into ATHENA:


  • Acceptance limitations (maximum eta is grey dashed line, limited by bore radius, minimum eta is red dashed line, limited by reflection of photons off the spherical mirror (to be improved!))


  • Notes on spherical mirror placement


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