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from Gaudi.Configuration import *
from Configurables import HiveWhiteBoard, HiveSlimEventLoopMgr, AvalancheSchedulerSvc
from Configurables import GaudiSequencer, ApplicationMgr
from Configurables import GaudiSequencer, SequencerTimerTool, ApplicationMgr
from Configurables import AuditorSvc, EICDataSvc, PodioOutput, GeoSvc
from GaudiKernel import SystemOfUnits as units
from GaudiKernel.SystemOfUnits import MeV, GeV, mm, cm, mrad
......@@ -1022,19 +1022,19 @@ algorithms.append(podout)
cardinality = 1
for alg in algorithms:
alg.Cardinality = cardinality
seq = GaudiSequencer(
sequencer = GaudiSequencer(
Members = algorithms,
Sequential = True,
OutputLevel = WARNING)
TopAlg = [seq],
TopAlg = [sequencer],
EvtSel = 'NONE',
EvtMax = n_events,
ExtSvc = services,
EventLoop = slimeventloopmgr,
MessageSvcType = "InertMessageSvc",
OutputLevel = WARNING,
AuditAlgorithms = True
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