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Git Challenge
A low pressure way to get familiarized with git.
The Challenges
### Level : easy
1. Fork this repository.
2. In a single commit, add a file with your name as the title in the "names"
3. In another commit, edit this file ( and add your name to the list
4. Create a *merge request* for your changes.
### Level : moderate
1. Create a new branch (called whatever you want)
2. Commit some changes to your file (however you want).
3. Submit a merge request from this branch (hint: the branch name should not be
named "master").
### Level : expert
1. Create a merge conflict between your two branches.
2. Submit a merge request for this resolved conflict's commit.
### Level : impossible
1. Try to get me to merge a second item to this list. Hint: I won't :)
Name List
- Whit
- ...
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