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Juggler is a Gaudi based event processing framework which uses the [eicd]( data model.
### Algorithms
Algorithms are implemented as C++ in the [juggler repository](
### Options file
The set of algorithms, their input data, and output data are assembled in so-called "options" files (typically in an `options` directory).
These are actually python that is interpreted by the `` program.
Once compiled and install as part of juggler, the algorithms can be imported into juggler.
from Gaudi.Configuration import *
from GaudiKernel.DataObjectHandleBase import DataObjectHandleBase
from Configurables import ApplicationMgr, EICDataSvc, PodioOutput, GeoSvc
from GaudiKernel import SystemOfUnits as units
from Configurables import Jug__Digi__EMCalorimeterDigi as EMCalorimeterDigi
podioinput = PodioInput("PodioReader",
ecal_digi = EMCalorimeterDigi("ecal_digi",
ecal_reco = EMCalReconstruction("ecal_reco",
out = PodioOutput("out", filename=output_rec_file)
out.outputCommands = ["keep *",
"drop BarrelTrackSourceLinks",
"drop InitTrackParams",
"drop trajectories",
"drop outputSourceLinks",
"drop outputInitialTrackParameters",
"drop mcparticles"
TopAlg = [podioinput, ecal_digi, ecal_reco, out],
EvtSel = 'NONE',
EvtMax = 10,
ExtSvc = [podioevent,geo_service],
### Executing Juggler
If using the container-installed juggler algorithms you can run the reconstruction with:
``` options/
When adding your own algorithm and installed into a custom location, you will need do the following:
xenv -x ${JUGGLER_INSTALL_PREFIX}/Juggler.xenv options/
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