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- label: 'XML tags and attributes'
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- label: 'NPdet Documenation'
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#- label: Usage
......@@ -121,16 +121,19 @@ npsim --runType run --enableG4GPS \
This will run geant4 using the General Particle Source (GPS) tool.
The output will be a root file containing the generated events and GEM tracker hits.
Look at [gps.mac](
See the [GPS Documentation]( for more information.
Refer to the [GPS Documentation]( for more setup possibilities.
## Using detector description in analysis
### Preface: data model
First, the data model used by `npsim is described here
First, the geant4 output data model used by `npsim` is [described in a single yaml file](
Note that this is purposefully factorized from the larger EIC data model, `eicd`, which is used
at every step post geant4.
Look at the generated file in results:
![local hit position](../hit_position.png)
......@@ -184,6 +187,7 @@ root -b -q scripts/tutorial3_id_spec.cxx+
auto layer_index = decoder->index("layer");
fmt::print(" \"layer\" index is {}.\n", layer_index);
See [BitFieldCoder documentation]( documentation for more details.
Later in the loop over event hits.
......@@ -207,6 +211,12 @@ system:0:8,barrel:8:2,layer:10:4,module:14:12,sensor:26:2,x:32:-16,y:48:-16
"layer" index is 2.
For more information, see the [BitFieldCoder documentation](
## References
- [NPdet](
- [BitFieldCoder documentation]( documentation
- [List of DD4hep Segmentations](
- [List of DD4hep detector constructors](
- [Compact description examples](, and [more examples](
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