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title: 'Reconstruction Analysis'
This part of the tutorial outlines how reconstruction output from full simulations can be used for analysis by physics working groups.
At the end of this tutorial you should able to:
- determine the location of relevant full simulation reconstruction files,
- understand the file structure of the full simulation reconstruction output,
- use one of several approaches to perform low-level analysis on the reconstruction output.
## Location of full simulation reconstruction output
Full simulation outputs are stored on one of several locations:
- S3: (web interface)
- xrootd: root:// (no preview currently available)
For details on accessing these locations, please refer to
Data at these location is organized in a predicatable structure:
- `EVGEN/` contains all initial generated events (in hepmc3 or other format),
- `FULL/` contains the raw full simulation output without any reconstruction,
- `RECO/` contains the reconstruction output.
Under the different top-level directories, you can find the different physics processes:
- `SINGLE/` contains single particle initial states,
- `DIS/` contains DIS events.
## File structure of the full simulation reconstruction output
Each reconstruction output file has essentially the same structure, defined by the EIC Data Model. This structure can be retrieved with `rootls`, e.g.
rootls root://
which produces the following output, two trees:
events metadata
The `events` tree is of course what we are interested in. We can explore its top-level structure as follows. We first start a ROOT session:
root -l root://
and then list the top-level branches in the `events` tree:
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