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remove depecrated layer from GEM geometry

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......@@ -272,7 +272,6 @@ And have a look at the detector part of `compact/gem_tracker_endcap.xml`.
<module_component thickness="30.0*um" material="Kapton" name="readout" sensitive="true"/>
<module_component thickness=" 3.0*um" material="Copper" name="readout_Cu"/>
<module_component thickness="127.0*um" material="Mylar"/>
<module_component thickness="200.0*um" material="Epoxy" sensitive="true" vis="GreenVis"/>
<module name="GEMSupportModule1" vis="OrangeVis">
<trd x1="GEMTrackerEndcapFoilX2/2.0" x2="GEMTrackerEndcapFoilX1/2.0" z="GEMTrackerEndcapFrameBotEdge_width"/>
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