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Updated ACTS seeding code fixing multiple issues

Yue Shi Lai requested to merge seeding-epic into main

Avoid NaN and std::bad_alloc inside ACTS during the grid creation, due to specific pseudorapidity coverage, field strength, and minimum pT; custom association of hit to tracking surfaces; additional memory debugging checks

The following issues with the previous code are addressed:

  • std::bad_alloc inside ACTS for virtually any EIC acceptance coverage, field strength and minimum pT (!). Note that given an acceptance out to 3-4, the minimum pT has to be set very low, as ACTS does not permit this mandatory cut to be set by the momentum magnitude.
  • Inefficient and sometimes incorrect hit-surface association, fixed by (re-)determine the hit-surface association through geometry service inside the seeding code. Removed source links as input, as this is now not needed anymore.
  • Removed eicd/edm4eic inheritance, which appears to has side-effects impacting seeding efficiency at 40 degrees angle

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