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Merge branch 'crystal_digi' into 'master'

Example of Python Code for Crystal Calorimeter

See merge request !3
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......@@ -36,3 +36,6 @@ __pycache__/
# ROOT file
from Gaudi.Configuration import *
from GaudiKernel.DataObjectHandleBase import DataObjectHandleBase
from Configurables import ApplicationMgr, EICDataSvc, PodioOutput, GeoSvc
geo_service = GeoSvc("GeoSvc")
podioevent = EICDataSvc("EventDataSvc", inputs=["output_emcal_electrons_npsim.root"], OutputLevel=DEBUG)
from Configurables import PodioInput
from Configurables import Jug__Digi__CrystalEndcapsDigi as CrystalEndcapsDigi
podioinput = PodioInput("PodioReader", collections=["mcparticles","EcalHits"], OutputLevel=DEBUG)
emcaldigi = CrystalEndcapsDigi(inputHitCollection="EcalHits",outputHitCollection="RawDigiEcalHits")
out = PodioOutput("out", filename="digi_emcal_electrons_npsim.root")
out.outputCommands = ["keep *"]
TopAlg = [podioinput, emcaldigi, out],
EvtSel = 'NONE',
EvtMax = 100,
ExtSvc = [podioevent],
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