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Draft: Streamline data model

Sylvester Joosten requested to merge rework_datamodel into master


  • phi convention documentation
  • Maybe introduce TrackerHitInfo etc utility classes for links
  • Time resolution in tracker hit
  • Use 4-vector + 4D diagonal covariance for tracker hit
  • Remove redundant "polar" components - could be moved to Info utility class if useful
  • Remove most of the ExtraCode for explicit constructors - this should either be a main Podio flag, but won't be necessary in the presence of the Info utility classes
  • Rename RICHCluster to RingImage or similar
  • Simplify some of the ExtraCode to make yams file look less scary
  • Better name for the ImagingXXX classes
  • Add momentum to ReconstructedParticle
  • Add type to ECAL cluster
  • Add weight to ReconstructedParticle
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