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Beagle at CVMFS

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BeAGLE generator
BeAGLE - Benchmark eA Generator for LEptoproduction
The documentation on ` <>`_
Currently hosted at
Mark Baker
Kong Tu
Here my hero lays the quest. No mere mortal is capable of building BeAGLE on his system and not everyone is able to run it on farms. But if you are still dare to try, here are the steps:
.. code ::
# Everything in CSH, you are doomed with your bash, zsh and others
setenv EICDIRECTORY /cvmfs/
setenv LHAPDF_DATA_PATH /cvmfs/
setenv LHAPATH /cvmfs/
setenv LHAPDF5 /cvmfs/
source /cvmfs/
# (nice idea would be to add this to a single file to source. But for hardcore knights of keyboard and console
# it is adviced not to do so, memorize the commands and type them in manually every time to feel the glory)
# Now when you are equipped, let the quest begin:
mkdir My_Beagle_Quest # We name it awkwardly, so it is inline with everything else
cd My_Beagle_Quest
mkdir outForPythiaMode
cp $BEAGLESYS/nuclear.bin .
cp $BEAGLESYS/Examples/eD_18x135_Q2_1_10_y_0.01_0.95_test40k_Shd1_tau7_kt=ptfrag=0.32_shdfac=1.32.Jpsidiffnodecay.highpf.inp example.inp
cp $BEAGLESYS/Examples/eAt1dfJn .
$BEAGLESYS/BeAGLE < example.inp
#(!) Beware, example.inp has 1mil events to generate. You probably would like to decrease the number for the first run
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......@@ -31,4 +31,11 @@ It checks if there are CVMFS images available (which is true for JLab and BNL fa
curl | bash
Docker images
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For farms like at BNL or JLab the image is automatically replicated to CVMS:
.. code::
singularity run /cvmfs/
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`Containers repository <>`_
- `Containers repository <>`_
- `Docker Hub <>`_
.. code::
singularity run /cvmfs/
.. figure:: ../_images/image-hierarhy.svg
......@@ -125,7 +131,7 @@ Running the singularity development locally (without modulefiles)
Docker containers
Containers are available at eicweb namespace at `the dockerhub <>`
Containers are available at eicweb namespace at `the dockerhub <>`_
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