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- `DD4hep <>`_
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- `Delphes EIC <>`_
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- `Delphes EIC <>`_
ATHENA Software Plan
.. figure:: ../_images/2021-04-07_software_plan.png
:alt: Software plan
:width: 800
**Preparing for the future at EIC**
To ensure the long-term success of the ATHENA collaboration the aim is to build forward looking team of software developers.
Old solutions (such as EicRoot or Fun4All) should go - computing paradigms are changing quickly! In order to attract capable new software
development workforce we will focus on modern scientific computing practices. At the same time we should avoid “not-invented-here syndrome”.
Leverage modern, supported by large communities (like CERN) software components where possible to build upon mature, well supported,
and actively developed software stack to hit the ground running. The plan is to actively work with the EICUG SWG also.
**Immediate concern: successful (best!) detector proposal**
As the main goal of ATHENA collaboration is to present successful (and the best!) detector proposal, we understand that there should be no disruption
of WG simulation process after the DWGs and PGWs are formed. Previously WGs already invested their time into various simulation software and
advanced with the simulations. Any change to their workflows at this stage would be damaging. Premature rollout of new toolkit could take focus
away from crucial technology development and down-select that needs to happen these next months.
We will deliver the new software in parallel: implement subsystems in new software toolkit to prepare for full simulation & reconstruction of a
realistic candidate detector by early June 2021. DWG member can act as consultant to software group with minimal overhead
We are idenitifying and developing software to use for the lifetime of the EIC project.
As such, we insist on leveraging existing software projects which are supported by large communities and institutions.
**Resources and support**
ATHENA SWG will provide:
- Active support for fun4all and other legacy tools throughout the coming year
- Maintain all software on `eicweb <>`_
- Discontinue active support for fun4all and other legacy tools throughout the coming year
- Computing resources available at large range of facilities (BNL/SDCC, JLab, Argonne LCRC, OSG, …).
- Distributed data storage over all facilities: Rucio (to be rolled out ASAP)
- Git repositories and continuous-integration support available on the eicweb server
- Documentation of resources and tools a top priority
**Day 0 software**
Currently as the new software is being prepared, the suggested packages to do full and fast simulations:
- AGit repositories and continuous-integration support available on the eicweb server
- Maintiain the large data productions
- Fast simulation:
- Delphes
- Eic-Smear
- Full simulation:
- ESCalate
- Fun4All
It is explained in the detailes further.
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