Commit f7cf16e7 authored by Whitney Armstrong's avatar Whitney Armstrong
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Changed the ecal endcap radius to match xtal cal

parent 311722f3
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
<constant name="CrystalEndcap_rmin" value="120.0*mm"/>
<constant name="CrystalEndcap_rmax" value="600.0*mm"/>
<constant name="CrystalEndcap_rmax" value="EcalEndcapN_rmin"/>
<constant name="CrystalBox_x_length" value="20.0*mm"/>
<constant name="CrystalBox_y_length" value="20.0*mm"/>
<constant name="CrystalBox_z_length" value="200.0*mm"/>
......@@ -197,7 +197,7 @@
<constant name="EcalEndcap_zmin" value="EcalBarrelLength/2.0"/>
<constant name="EcalEndcapThickness" value="EcalBarrelThickness"/>
<constant name="EcalEndcapP_rmin" value="250.0*mm"/>
<constant name="EcalEndcapN_rmin" value="350.0*mm"/>
<constant name="EcalEndcapN_rmin" value="600.0*mm"/>
<constant name="EcalThinLayers" value="10"/>
<constant name="EcalThickLayers" value="10"/>
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