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new file: far_forward_detectors.xml

	modified:   ../reference_detector.xml
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<comment>Far Forward Hadron Detectors</comment>
<include ref="compact/ffi_ZDC.xml" />
......@@ -117,10 +117,10 @@
<include ref="ip6/beampipe.xml"/>
<include ref="compact/solenoid.xml"/>
<include ref="compact/ecal.xml"/>
<include ref="compact/far_forward_detectors.xml"/>
<include ref="compact/cb_CTD_Si.xml"/>
<include ref="compact/ce_mrich.xml"/>
<include ref="compact/ce_GEM.xml"/>
<include ref="compact/ffi_ZDC.xml"/>
<include ref="compact/ci_GEM.xml"/>
<include ref="compact/hcal.xml"/>
<include ref="compact/forward_trd.xml"/>
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