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The reference detector at IP6 for Electron-Ion Collider experiment.
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Getting Started
### Adding/changing detector geometry
Hint: **Use the CI/CD pipelines**.
To avoid dealing with setting up all the software, we recommend using the CI/CD to make changes.
Any feedback to help this process is appreciated.
Here is how to begin:
1. Look at existing detector constructions and reuse if possible. Note that "compact detector descriptions" -> xml files, and "detector construction" -> cpp file.
2. Modify xml file or detector construction.
3. Create a WIP (or draft) merge request and look at the CI output for debugging. Then go to back to 2 if changes are needed.
4. Remove the WIP/Draft part of the merge request if you would like to see your changes merged into the master.
### Compiling
First, see if the use case above is best for you. It most likely is and can save a lot of time for newcomers.
To run the simulation locally, we suggest using the singularity image.
More details can be found at the links below:
Related useful links
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