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Edited x position of zdc

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......@@ -531,9 +531,9 @@
<comment> BeamLines: IP6 </comment>
<constant name="ffi_ZDC_x_pos" value="90.0 * cm"/>
<constant name="ffi_ZDC_y_pos" value="0.0 * cm"/>
<constant name="ffi_ZDC_z_pos" value="3800.0 * cm"/>
<constant name="ffi_ZDC_x_pos" value="ffi_ZDC_z_pos * ionCrossingAngle"/> <comment> original value="90.0 * cm" </comment>
<constant name="ffi_ZDC_y_pos" value="0.0 * cm"/>
<constant name="ffi_ZDC_rotateX_angle" value="0.0 * rad"/>
<constant name="ffi_ZDC_rotateY_angle" value="-0.0125 * rad"/>
<constant name="ffi_ZDC_rotateZ_angle" value="0.0 * rad"/>
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