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Moving far forward detectors from athena to this repo.

Whitney Armstrong requested to merge move_far_forward_detectors into master

Closes #15 (closed)

  • new file: .gitignore
  • modified: eic_ip6.xml
  • new file: ip6/B0_tracker.xml
  • new file: ip6/far_forward_ZDC_Ecal.xml
  • new file: ip6/far_forward_ZDC_Hcal.xml
  • new file: ip6/far_forward_detectors.xml
  • new file: ip6/far_forward_offM_tracker.xml
  • new file: ip6/far_forward_romanpots.xml
  • new file: ip6/ffi_offmtrk.xml
  • new file: src/SimpleDiskTracker_geo.cpp
  • new file: src/SimpleRectangularTracker_geo.cpp
  • new file: src/ZeroDegreeCalorimeterEcal_geo.cpp
  • new file: src/ZeroDegreeCalorimeterHcal_geo.cpp
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