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Resolve "Re-scale the dRICH"

Christopher Dilks requested to merge 10-re-scale-the-drich into main

Closes #10 (closed)


  • this is an initial re-scale of the dRICH geometry to be as close to the ECCE design as possible
  • small changes to geometry and material properties from athena branch 144-irt-geometry have been implemented
  • snout length is a few cm shorter than the ECCE design, to avoid overlap with a beamline component
  • there are still some overlaps between the dRICH vessel and these other volumes (it may be too early to try to fix these):
    • world_volume/ECalBarrel_envelope
    • world_volume/FakeDIRC
    • world_volume/ForwardBackwardTrackerSubAssembly/ForwardGEM/ForwardGEM_layer1
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