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Calo digitization json for the active athena geometry

Wouter Deconinck requested to merge calo-digitization-json into master

@cpeng This is the same file that's already named 'calo_digi_acadia.json' but with:

  • no hardcoded 'acadia' in the name (if the branch is acadia, then this file should have content consistent with acadia but with the default name that doesn't include the geometry version name),
  • the naming scheme for modules as used in reconstruction (e.g. ci_ecal),
  • the variable names used by CalHitDigi so we can directly read json and pass to CalHitDigi,
  • added energyResolutions so it is a complete set of CalHitDigi options. I hope we can make this file be the one that is used by reconstruction (I'm working on that next).

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