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draft: dualize dRICh mirrors

Christopher Dilks requested to merge drich-two-mirrors into master

close #117

  • the new placement algorithm allows for mirror parameter definitions at the compact file level, e.g.,
<mirrors .....>
  <mirror  backplane="DRICH_window_thickness+1.0*cm"  focus_tune_x="80.0*cm"  focus_tune_z="-80.0*cm"  />
  <mirror  backplane="DRICH_window_thickness+1.0*cm"  focus_tune_x="60.0*cm"  focus_tune_z="0.0*cm"    />
  • instead of mirror parameter set {backplane,focus_tune_x,focus_tune_z}, it is trivial to switch to using the set {radius,centerx,centerz} to allow one to copy over any fixed mirror parameterizations, in particular those from sandbox G4 optimization results from @ayk1964
  • the algorithm is designed to handle 2 mirrors, but should be adaptable enough to handle N mirrors
  • the choice of which mirrors to take on which side of the intersection plane is controlled by splice_mode (divergent or convergent)
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