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resolve "Improve dRICh optics"

Christopher Dilks requested to merge drich-optics into master

Close #77 (closed)

Change log (reverse chronological order):

  • update envelop for 8/25 integration requirements (see !219 (merged))
  • optimized optics for 8/3 integration requirements (last commit: 49354228)
  • improved spherical mirror cuts to achieve nearly 2pi azimuthal acceptance
  • spherical mirror is re-parameterized, and now has focus tuning parameters to adjust the focal point with respect to the sensor sphere
  • sensor sphere patch cuts are re-parameterized
  • add boolean DRICH_debug_optics to quickly check optical parameters, such as focal plane and aberrations
  • add documentation tags to compact/drich.xml and cleanup indentation
  • use standardized ANL colors
  • add optical material VacuumOptical (cf. AirOptical)

Before any changes: optical photons generated from IP, reflected off mirror; aerogel and sensors are also shown, the aerogel is non-interacting, and there are no vessel walls. Losses are seen at low eta, and the photons do not hit the sensors at normal incidence.


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