Draft: add benchmark for RICH IRT

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close #81

  • add RICH benchmark in benchmarks/rich
    • main script: run_irt.sh called by CI in process stage
      • runs scripts/simulate.py, an npsim wrapper specific for RICH tests
      • runs scripts/draw_histos.C, to check some raw results from scripts/simulate.py
      • runs gaudirun.py options/irt.py to run new Juggler algorithm IRTAlgorithm
      • eventually we should add some analysis script after gaudirun.py (start a new MR)
    • CI jobs:
      • 2 runs for each RICH, one for acceptance test and another for yield vs. momentum
      • artifacts from raw hits output to results/rich
      • more tests and artifacts to be added as we continue to develop IRT code
  • new CI process jobs will fail until IRTAlgorithm is merged in Juggler
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