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fix: ACTS material mapping: disable surfaces caching

Wouter Deconinck requested to merge wdconinc-master-patch-79181 into master

ActsExampleMaterialMappingDD4hep will now use cached surface information from the input ROOT file; this is enabled with --mat-mapping-read-surfaces true. This should default to false according to the Acts code, but it seems to still end up being set to true by default in the benchmarks.

ActsExampleMaterialRecordingDD4hep is supposed to write the surface information that allows for the speed-up. But it seems that this functionality has not be added to the command line interface. So, the surface information is is not added.

This means that we by default try to use the information, and it is not possible to add it with the current workflow, so we turn off the surface caching entirely (as before).

Ultimately, I think these commands are on the way out and we should switch to a full python workflow for this (this has other advantages, in particular we should store the python centrally, maybe as a python notebook with information on how to generate these material maps).

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