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max theta corresponds to min eta

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......@@ -122,9 +122,13 @@ class Gun(ConfigHelper):
ddg4Gun.direction = self.direction
ddg4Gun.Distribution = self.distribution
if self.etaMin is not None:
self.thetaMin = str(2.0*atan(exp(-float(self.etaMin)))/deg)
self.thetaMax = str(2.0*atan(exp(-float(self.etaMin))))
ddg4Gun.ThetaMax = str(2.0*atan(exp(-float(self.etaMin))))
ddg4Gun.isotrop = True
if self.etaMax is not None:
self.thetaMax = str(2.0*atan(exp(-float(self.etaMax)))/deg)
self.thetaMin = str(2.0*atan(exp(-float(self.etaMax))))
ddg4Gun.ThetaMin = str(2.0*atan(exp(-float(self.etaMax))))
ddg4Gun.isotrop = True
if self.thetaMin is not None:
ddg4Gun.ThetaMin = self.thetaMin
ddg4Gun.isotrop = True
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