Commit 6fe08fab authored by Whitney Armstrong's avatar Whitney Armstrong
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modified: sieic3_compact.xml

parent b7f86dee
......@@ -36,6 +36,9 @@
<constant name="SolenoidCoilOuterZ" value="SolenoidBarrelOuterZ-SolenoidEndcapCryostatThickness-SolenoidEndcapAirgapThickness"/>
<constant name="SolenoidalFieldRadius" value="(SolenoidBarrelConductorInnerRadius+SolenoidBarrelAlConductorThickness/2.)"/>
<element name="Ar" formula="Ar" Z="18">
<atom type="A" unit="g/mol" value="39.9477" />
<material name="TungstenDens23">
<D value="17.7" unit="g/cm3"/>
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