1. 23 Sep, 2020 5 commits
  2. 22 Sep, 2020 12 commits
  3. 19 Aug, 2020 1 commit
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      - JugBase/JugBase/DataHandle.h · c39ee7e5
      Whitney Armstrong authored
      - CMakeLists.txt
      - JugReco/SourceLinks.h
      - JugReco/src/components/ParticlesFromTrackFit.cpp
      - JugReco/src/components/TrackFindingAlgorithm.cpp
      - JugReco/src/components/TrackParamTruthInit.cpp
  4. 18 Aug, 2020 1 commit
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      Track finder is working · 4ff68c49
      Whitney Armstrong authored
      - Following the examples, the track finder is working with the
       hytop_test repo. There is still a lot of work to do but it is progress.
      - Added source linker algorithm which uses just the reconstructed hits.
      - Added track parameter initialization based on mc truth. This should be
      replaced with proper seeding.
      - Added TrackFindingAlgorithm following acts examples. This code is in a
      single file and takes a long time to compile. This can be reduced with
      some fwd declarations and headers.
  5. 17 Aug, 2020 1 commit
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      modified: ../.clang-format · da40d7d8
      Whitney Armstrong authored
      	modified:   ../JugBase/src/components/GeoSvc.cpp
      	modified:   CMakeLists.txt
      	modified:   src/components/TrackerHitReconstruction.cpp
      	new file:   src/components/TrackerSourceLinker.cpp
  6. 15 Aug, 2020 1 commit
  7. 14 Aug, 2020 3 commits
  8. 13 Aug, 2020 1 commit
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      Removed Incidents in geosvc · 29b26d92
      Whitney Armstrong authored
       - Removed incidnets
       - added test with geosvc
      	modified:   CMakeLists.txt
      	modified:   JugBase/IGeoSvc.h
      	modified:   JugBase/PodioDataSvc.h
      	modified:   src/PodioDataSvc.cpp
      	modified:   src/components/GeoSvc.cpp
      	modified:   src/components/GeoSvc.h
      	new file:   tests/options/reader_with_geosvc.py
      	modified:   ../JugReco/CMakeLists.txt
  9. 11 Aug, 2020 7 commits
  10. 10 Aug, 2020 8 commits
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      Adding geometry service · 3037838c
      Whitney Armstrong authored
      	new file:   JugBase/JugBase/IGeoSvc.h
      	new file:   JugBase/src/components/GeoSvc.cpp
      	new file:   JugBase/src/components/GeoSvc.h
      	new file:   demo/compact/elements.xml
      	new file:   demo/compact/gem_tracker_disc.xml
      	new file:   demo/compact/materials.xml
      	new file:   demo/test/options/demo_geosvc.py
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      Working digi method · 9609f20c
      Whitney Armstrong authored
      	modified:   ExampleCaloDigi.cpp
      	modified:   ../../tests/options/example_calodigi.py
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      modified: .gitlab-ci.yml · 06e8a6bc
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      JugDigi · a7b06e8d
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      	new file:   JugDigi/CMakeLists.txt
      	new file:   JugDigi/python/FWCore/__init__.py
      	new file:   JugDigi/python/FWCore/joboptions.py
      	new file:   JugDigi/src/components/ExampleCaloDigi.cpp
      	new file:   JugDigi/tests/options/example_calodigi.py
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      modified: JugBase/CMakeLists.txt · 6d70a1fd
      Whitney Armstrong authored
      	modified:   JugBase/JugBase/DataHandle.h
      	modified:   JugBase/JugBase/DataWrapper.h
      	modified:   JugBase/JugBase/IEDMMergeTool.h
      	modified:   JugBase/JugBase/PodioDataSvc.h
      	modified:   JugBase/src/components/EICDataSvc.h
      	modified:   JugBase/src/components/PileupDigiTrackHitMergeTool.h
      	modified:   JugBase/src/components/PileupHitMergeTool.h
      	modified:   JugBase/src/components/PileupOverlayAlg.h
      	modified:   JugBase/src/components/PileupParticlesMergeTool.h
      	modified:   JugBase/src/components/PodioInput.h
      	modified:   JugBase/src/components/PodioOutput.h
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      modified: .gitlab-ci.yml · 21f2dedd
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      modified: .gitlab-ci.yml · 6a87caa2
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      modified: .gitlab-ci.yml · 58ca9309
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