1. 03 Aug, 2021 2 commits
  2. 27 Jul, 2021 1 commit
  3. 21 Jul, 2021 1 commit
  4. 20 Jul, 2021 3 commits
  5. 18 May, 2021 1 commit
  6. 08 Feb, 2021 1 commit
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      Upgrade to ACTS version 4.1.0 · 77b2b860
      Whitney Armstrong authored
      - A lot has changed since 1.0
      - The source link is simplified and has a corresponding measurement
      class now
      - Copied Bfield and utilties from acts examples
      - Currently it only compiles. Need to check reconstruction.
      It Builds with acts 4.1.0
      	modified:   GeoSvc.cpp
      	modified:   GeoSvc.h
  7. 06 Jan, 2021 1 commit
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      Tracking fix · ca1268b2
      Whitney Armstrong authored
      	modified:   TrackFindingAlgorithm.cpp
      	modified:   TrackFindingAlgorithm.h
      	modified:   TrackerSourceLinker.cpp
  8. 17 Dec, 2020 1 commit
  9. 28 Oct, 2020 1 commit
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      Adding tracker param init from cluster. · b25c6068
      Whitney Armstrong authored
      - All charges (-1,0,1) are added to the candidates
      - The initial vector points to the EM cluster, set with momentum equal
      to the energy where we assume a massless particle
      - Added new seeding algorithm which uses Ecal clusters and Vertex
      tracker hits.
  10. 27 Oct, 2020 1 commit
  11. 22 Oct, 2020 1 commit
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      Fixed tracking units. · 3a0eb874
      Whitney Armstrong authored
      - The system of units is still a bit rocky.
      - This might have something todo with the dd4pod output action. Need to
      double check.
      - Track finder works too well if it is seeded with initial track
      parameters that include the exact thrown momentum.
  12. 28 Sep, 2020 2 commits
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      Fix to use single CellID in data model · e07b7ff2
      Whitney Armstrong authored
      This goes with the update to eicd removing cellID0 and cellID1 from all
      data types.
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      Updating for acts v1 · ee0e2d1b
      Whitney Armstrong authored
      	modified:   JugReco/GeometryContainers.hpp
      	modified:   JugReco/SimMultiTrajectory.hpp
      	modified:   JugReco/SimSourceLink.hpp
      	modified:   JugReco/SourceLinks.h
      	modified:   JugReco/Track.hpp
      	modified:   src/components/ParticlesFromTrackFit.cpp
      	modified:   src/components/TrackFindingAlgorithm.cpp
      	modified:   src/components/TrackFindingAlgorithm.h
      	modified:   src/components/TrackParamTruthInit.cpp
      	modified:   src/components/TrackerSourceLinker.cpp
  13. 18 Aug, 2020 1 commit
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      Track finder is working · 4ff68c49
      Whitney Armstrong authored
      - Following the examples, the track finder is working with the
       hytop_test repo. There is still a lot of work to do but it is progress.
      - Added source linker algorithm which uses just the reconstructed hits.
      - Added track parameter initialization based on mc truth. This should be
      replaced with proper seeding.
      - Added TrackFindingAlgorithm following acts examples. This code is in a
      single file and takes a long time to compile. This can be reduced with
      some fwd declarations and headers.
  14. 17 Aug, 2020 1 commit
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      modified: ../.clang-format · da40d7d8
      Whitney Armstrong authored
      	modified:   ../JugBase/src/components/GeoSvc.cpp
      	modified:   CMakeLists.txt
      	modified:   src/components/TrackerHitReconstruction.cpp
      	new file:   src/components/TrackerSourceLinker.cpp