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Added truth clustering algorithm

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#include <algorithm>
#include "Gaudi/Property.h"
#include "GaudiAlg/GaudiAlgorithm.h"
#include "GaudiAlg/GaudiTool.h"
#include "GaudiAlg/Transformer.h"
#include "GaudiKernel/PhysicalConstants.h"
#include "GaudiKernel/RndmGenerators.h"
#include "GaudiKernel/ToolHandle.h"
#include "DDRec/CellIDPositionConverter.h"
#include "DDRec/Surface.h"
#include "DDRec/SurfaceManager.h"
#include "JugBase/DataHandle.h"
#include "JugBase/IGeoSvc.h"
#include "JugBase/UniqueID.h"
// Event Model related classes
#include "dd4pod/CalorimeterHitCollection.h"
#include "eicd/CalorimeterHitCollection.h"
#include "eicd/ClusterCollection.h"
#include "eicd/ProtoClusterCollection.h"
#include "eicd/RawCalorimeterHitCollection.h"
using namespace Gaudi::Units;
namespace Jug::Fast {
/** Truth clustering algorithm.
* \ingroup reco
class TruthClustering : public GaudiAlgorithm, AlgorithmIDMixin<> {
using RecHits = eic::CalorimeterHitCollection;
using ProtoClusters = eic::ProtoClusterCollection;
using TruthHits = dd4pod::CalorimeterHitCollection;
DataHandle<RecHits> m_inputHits{"inputHits", Gaudi::DataHandle::Reader, this};
DataHandle<TruthHits> m_mcHits{"mcHits", Gaudi::DataHandle::Reader, this};
DataHandle<ProtoClusters> m_outputProtoClusters{"outputProtoClusters", Gaudi::DataHandle::Writer, this};
// Monte Carlo particle source identifier
const int32_t kMonteCarloSource{uniqueID<int32_t>("mcparticles")};
TruthClustering(const std::string& name, ISvcLocator* svcLoc)
: GaudiAlgorithm(name, svcLoc), AlgorithmIDMixin<>(name, info()) {
declareProperty("inputHits", m_inputHits, "Input calorimeter reco hits");
declareProperty("mcHits", m_mcHits, "Input truth hits");
declareProperty("outputProtoClusters", m_outputProtoClusters, "Output proto clusters");
StatusCode initialize() override {
if (GaudiAlgorithm::initialize().isFailure()) {
return StatusCode::FAILURE;
return StatusCode::SUCCESS;
StatusCode execute() override {
// input collections
const auto& hits = *m_inputHits.get();
const auto& mc = *m_mcHits.get();
// Create output collections
auto& proto = *m_outputProtoClusters.createAndPut();
std::vector<std::pair<uint32_t, eic::ConstCalorimeterHit>> the_hits;
std::vector<std::pair<uint32_t, eic::ConstCalorimeterHit>> remaining_hits;
// Map mc track ID to protoCluster index
std::map<int32_t, int32_t> protoIndex;
// Loop over al calorimeter hits and sort per mcparticle
int32_t clusterID = 0;
for (uint32_t i = 0; i < hits.size(); ++i) {
const auto& hit = hits[i];
const auto& mcHit = mc[hit.ID().value];
const int32_t trackID = mcHit.truth().trackID;
// Create a new protocluster if we don't have one for this trackID
if (!protoIndex.count(trackID)) {
auto pcl = proto.create();
pcl.ID({clusterID++, algorithmID()});
protoIndex[trackID] = proto.size() - 1;
// Add hit to the appropriate protocluster
proto[protoIndex[trackID]].addhits({hit.ID(), i, 1.});
return StatusCode::SUCCESS;
} // namespace Jug::Fast
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