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Added dummy MC2DummyParticle class

- Just a simple mcparticles-> ReconstructedParticle translator
parent 42dcb7ff
#include <algorithm>
#include <cmath>
#include "GaudiAlg/Transformer.h"
#include "GaudiAlg/Producer.h"
#include "GaudiAlg/GaudiTool.h"
#include "Gaudi/Algorithm.h"
#include "JugBase/DataHandle.h"
// Event Model related classes
#include "dd4pod/Geant4ParticleCollection.h"
#include "eicd/ReconstructedParticleCollection.h"
namespace Jug {
namespace Base {
class MC2DummyParticle : public GaudiAlgorithm {
// ill-formed: using GaudiAlgorithm::GaudiAlgorithm;
MC2DummyParticle(const std::string& name, ISvcLocator* svcLoc) : GaudiAlgorithm(name, svcLoc)
declareProperty("inputCollection", m_inputHitCollection, "mcparticles");
declareProperty("outputCollection", m_outputHitCollection, "DummyReconstructedParticles");
StatusCode initialize() override
if (GaudiAlgorithm::initialize().isFailure())
return StatusCode::FAILURE;
return StatusCode::SUCCESS;
StatusCode execute() override
// input collection
const dd4pod::Geant4ParticleCollection* parts = m_inputHitCollection.get();
// output collection
auto out_parts = m_outputHitCollection.createAndPut();
for (const auto& p : *parts) {
double momentum = std::hypot(p.psx(), p.psy(), p.psz());
double energy = std::hypot(momentum, p.mass());
out_parts->push_back({p.pdgID(), energy, {p.psx(),p.psy(),p.psz()}, p.charge(), p.mass()});
return StatusCode::SUCCESS;
DataHandle<dd4pod::Geant4ParticleCollection> m_inputHitCollection{"mcparticles", Gaudi::DataHandle::Reader, this};
DataHandle<eic::ReconstructedParticleCollection> m_outputHitCollection{"DummyReconstructedParticles", Gaudi::DataHandle::Writer, this};
} // namespace Base
} // namespace Gaudi
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