Commit 069b3c6c authored by Whitney Armstrong's avatar Whitney Armstrong
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Fixed the dummy reconstructed to only save the thrown MC particles

	modified:   JugBase/src/components/MC2DummyParticle.cpp
parent 35fba059
......@@ -39,6 +39,9 @@ namespace Jug {
// output collection
auto out_parts = m_outputHitCollection.createAndPut();
for (const auto& p : *parts) {
if (p.genStatus() != 1) {
double momentum = std::hypot(p.psx(), p.psy(), p.psz());
double energy = std::hypot(momentum, p.mass());
eic::ReconstructedParticle rec_part(p.pdgID(), energy, {p.psx(),p.psy(),p.psz()}, (double)p.charge(), p.mass());
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