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Geometry viewer

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Geometry viewer
The latest geometry for master branch
`is available here <;1/world_volume/ElectronECAL_11&opt=>`_
The latest geometry for **master** branch is available:
- `Central detector (no obj browser) <;1&opt=clipxyz;transp30;zoom100;ROTY0;ROTZ0;trz100;trr0;ctrl;all&>`_
- `Central detector (+ obj browser) <;1&opt=clipxyz;transp30;zoom100;ROTY0;ROTZ0;trz100;trr0;ctrl;all&>`_
- `Full detector with beamline (no browser) <;1&opt=clipxyz;transp30;zoom75;ROTY290;ROTZ350;trz0;trr0;ctrl;all&>`_
- `Full detector with beamline (+ obj browser) <;1&opt=clipxyz;transp30;zoom75;ROTY290;ROTZ350;trz0;trr0;ctrl;all&>`_
It might take several minutes to load due to a number of ECal fibers.
We are working on fixing the performance issue.
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