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......@@ -10,6 +10,36 @@ You can get access, browse and download files using your browser, using this lin
**The LOGIN and PASSWORD for read access are available for all members** (but can't be published at open places like this site). Please ask on
`#software-helpdesk Slack channel <>`_ or email one of the SWG members.
One can access S3 directly using TFile like this
.. code:: C++
TFile* file = TFile::Open("s3<path>.root","AUTH=<login>:<password>");
Or set environment variables `S3_ACCESS_KEY` and `S3_SECRET_KEY` instead of using AUTH and putting login and password to code;
.. code:: bash
export S3_ACCESS_KEY=<login>
export S3_SECRET_KEY=<password>
XRootD access
One can utilize XRootD server to get access to files without credentials using:
.. code::
root://<path to file>
.. code:: c++
std::string fileName = "RECO/JETS/crossDivNrgCrab/DIS_NC_Q2gt10_crossDivNrgCrab_25mRad_18x275_v1.0001.root";
TFile* file = TFile::Open("root://" + fileName);
// ...
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