Commit 122c6084 authored by Whitney Armstrong's avatar Whitney Armstrong
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modified: bin/make_dawn_views

parent fb8da315
......@@ -113,3 +113,23 @@ pushd scripts/view7
cp *.pdf ../../images/.
cp *.png ../../images/.
pushd scripts/view11
./generate_eps -t view11 -i ../../g4_0000.prim
./generate_eps -t view11_ev1 -i ../../g4_0001.prim
./generate_eps -t view11_ev2 -i ../../g4_0002.prim
./generate_eps -t view11_ev3 -i ../../g4_0003.prim
./generate_eps -t view11_ev4 -i ../../g4_0004.prim
cp *.pdf ../../images/.
cp *.png ../../images/.
pushd scripts/view12
./generate_eps -t view12 -i ../../g4_0000.prim
./generate_eps -t view12_ev1 -i ../../g4_0001.prim
./generate_eps -t view12_ev2 -i ../../g4_0002.prim
./generate_eps -t view12_ev3 -i ../../g4_0003.prim
./generate_eps -t view12_ev4 -i ../../g4_0004.prim
cp *.pdf ../../images/.
cp *.png ../../images/.
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