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Avoid shadowing of roty

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......@@ -49,16 +49,16 @@ void EICInteractionVertexSmear::smear(Interaction* inter) const {
if (inter) {
double dx = rndm.gauss(m_offset.x(), m_sigma_Ion.x());
double dy = rndm.gauss(m_offset.y(), m_sigma_Ion.y());
double dz = rndm.gauss(m_offset.z(), m_sigma_Ion.z());
double dt = rndm.gauss(m_offset.t(), m_sigma_Ion.t());
double dxe = rndm.gauss(m_offset.x(), m_sigma_Electron.x());
double dye = rndm.gauss(m_offset.y(), m_sigma_Electron.y());
double dze = rndm.gauss(m_offset.z(), m_sigma_Electron.z());
double dte = rndm.gauss(m_offset.t(), m_sigma_Electron.t());
//double dz = rndm.gauss(m_offset.z(), m_sigma_Ion.z());
//double dt = rndm.gauss(m_offset.t(), m_sigma_Ion.t());
//double dxe = rndm.gauss(m_offset.x(), m_sigma_Electron.x());
//double dye = rndm.gauss(m_offset.y(), m_sigma_Electron.y());
//double dze = rndm.gauss(m_offset.z(), m_sigma_Electron.z());
//double dte = rndm.gauss(m_offset.t(), m_sigma_Electron.t());
XYZVector ion_dir(0, 0, 1.0);
RotationY rotx(-dx);
RotationX roty(dy);
auto new_ion_dir = rotx(roty(ion_dir));
RotationY rotx_ion(-dx);
RotationX roty_ion(dy);
auto new_ion_dir = rotx_ion(roty_ion(ion_dir));
Geant4PrimaryEvent::Interaction::VertexMap::iterator iv;
Geant4PrimaryEvent::Interaction::ParticleMap::iterator ip;
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