Commit d4c34d6a authored by Wouter Deconinck's avatar Wouter Deconinck
Browse files correct ddg4Gun.Momentum(Min|Max) capitalization

parent f392b25f
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......@@ -133,9 +133,9 @@ class Gun(ConfigHelper):
ddg4Gun.PhiMax = self.phiMax
ddg4Gun.isotrop = True
if self.momentumMin is not None:
ddg4Gun.momentumMin = self.momentumMin
ddg4Gun.MomentumMin = self.momentumMin
if self.momentumMax is not None:
ddg4Gun.momentumMax = self.momentumMax
ddg4Gun.MomentumMax = self.momentumMax
except Exception as e: # pylint: disable=W0703
logger.error("parsing gun options:\n%s\nException: %s " % (self, e))
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