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Make sanitization script work more resiliently with less error conditions

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......@@ -6,6 +6,10 @@ import argparse
class InvalidHepmc3Error(Exception):
def __init__(this, *msg):
print('InvalidHepmc3Error:', *msg, file=sys.stderr)
def warn(*msg):
print('WARNING:', *msg, file=sys.stderr)
class EventHeader:
def __init__(this, line):
......@@ -19,23 +23,27 @@ class EventHeader:
this.part_cnt = 0
def get_record(this):
if not this.vert_cnt == this.n_vertices:
raise InvalidHepmc3Error('Not all vertices found for event:', event.raw)
warn('Invalid vertex count for event:', this.raw, "--> skipping event")
return None
if not this.part_cnt == this.n_particles:
raise InvalidHepmc3Error('Not all particles found for event:', event.raw)
warn('Invalid particle count for event:', this.raw, "--> skipping event")
return None
if this.vertex and not '@' in this.raw:
return '{} @{}'.format(this.raw[:-1], this.vertex)
return this.raw
def process_vertex(this, line):
this.vert_cnt += 1
if this.vert_cnt > this.n_vertices:
raise InvalidHepmc3Error('Too many vertices for event:', event.raw)
warn('Too many vertices for event:', this.raw)
if not this.vertex:
if '@' in line:
this.vertex = this._get_vertex_if_present(line)
def process_particle(this, line):
this.part_cnt += 1
if this.part_cnt > this.n_particles:
raise InvalidHepmc3Error('Too many particles for event:', event.raw)
warn('Too many particles for event:', this.raw)
def _get_vertex_if_present(this, line):
if not '@' in line:
return None
......@@ -43,6 +51,10 @@ class EventHeader:
def flush_buffer(header, buffer):
if header:
event_record = header.get_record()
if not event_record:
warn('Skipped invalid event', header.raw)
for line in buffer:
......@@ -63,7 +75,10 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
## read line-by-line, fill the event buffer, and then
## write the sanitized output to stdout
for line in sys.stdin:
if end_reached or len(line) == 0:
if len(line) == 0:
if end_reached:
warn("Ignoring lines after END_EVENT_LISTING was reached")
if not have_first_line:
if not 'HepMC::Version' in line:
......@@ -84,13 +99,17 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
buffer = []
if header is None:
raise InvalidHepmc3Error('Encountered field before the Event header:', line)
raise InvalidHepmc3Error('Encountered field before the first Event header:', line)
if line[0] == 'V':
elif line[0] == 'P':
elif line[0] not in ['W', 'A', 'U']:
raise InvalidHepmc3Error('Encountered unknown field:', line)
warn('Ignoring unknown field:', line)
if not end_reached:
warn("File does end with END_EVENT_LISTING, appending")
# final buffer flush at the end
flush_buffer(header, buffer)
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